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Black Forest Cake

Hello there!

Omg! I didn’t post anything to the blog about a month! Well… I don’t have a correct word to describe myself =) What a shame, Oxana!

Anyway, I’m back and I have big, no, HUGE plans about how to shake everything up here! I’m talking now about new recipes, a redesign and something else. Actually, some change is already done. First of all, I was hunting for a new WordPress theme for my blog. It’s a sad story, folks. 

If you ever had tried to find some pretty-look theme for your blog (for a food blog, especially), you should know what I’m talking about. No, there are a lot of themes, but… I found millions and billions themes and they all were so far away from what I call “pretty”. Even if I had found something nice, it was unusable for some reason. I’m not a developer, I know nothing about the code. So there is no way for me to change something in the theme, not even a color of small button. Yeaaaah… Sad story, I told you. But! I found the solution! One of my friends recommended me Qards by Designmodo. I tried it once, then again and again. Now I’m using only Qards and I love it! It’s super easy in use and it looks pretty. Highly recommend!


For other news: I switch my store bought eggs to pasture raised from local farmers. I always try to change every tiny detail in my every day life in better way. Why? Because, I care for myself and I care for my health. One day morning I cooked eggs for a breakfast. I cracked one and noticed that the whites were so, um, watery. The eggs were fresh but they weren’t tasty. Actually, the whites taste like a rubber. It pissed me off! I start google about the difference between various types of eggs. 

Then I read this article. The next step was buying pasture raised eggs from local farmers at Union Square Market. When I taste it for the first time it was… like eggs heaven! Rich, full of flavor and smooth yolks and softy whites. So delicious! Besides, they contain much more vitamins and minerals and bla bla bla.

Well, I don’t buy any eggs in store anymore and I’m happy! By the way, it’s even cheaper: only $4 per dozen (than $7 for pasture raised eggs from the store). Try it too, I insist =)


Now I finally get around to talk about today’s topic. It’s Black Forest Cake, one of the famous cakes in the world!

The original name of the cake is Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (in German), literally “Black forest cherry-torte”. The cake is named from the specialty liquor known as Schwarzwälder Kirsch(wasser) from southwestern Germany. The liquor is distilled from tart cherries and has a rich flavor. Traditionally, Black Forest cake consists of several layers of chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream and cherries between each layers. Of course, there are a lot of varieties for the recipe. A LOT! But I decided to make something new, the modern version.


I took the Pierre Herme’s recipe for the base and for my inspiration. He is the world famous pastry chef from France. French Vogue magazine called him “The Picasso of pastry”. It’s impressive, right? And every single recipe I’ve ever did using his book was so delicious and just incredible! I had no doubts when I decided to bake the cake.


My Black Forest cake consists 3 layers of chocolate sponge cake, diplomat cream* with Kirsch cherries and dark chocolate cream. The decoration is very traditional. Oh, that taste, guys… That taste! It’s so balanced, so delicate and definitely so delicious! Yum!

Yes, it takes some time for making the cake, but it’s totally worth it!

*Diplomat cream is famous variation made of pastry cream with gelatin and whipped cream. I decided to cut out the part about the gelatin and I have no regrets about it. So no time to talk, let’s try it!

Chocolate Biscuit

  • 150 gr egg whites

  • 120 gr (2/3 cup) sugar

  • 100 gr egg yolks

  • 100 gr cake flour

  • 60 gr unsalted butter, melted

  • 30 gr cacao powder


  • 120 gr (2/3 cup) sugar

  • 90 ml (6 tbsp) water

  • 300 gr (1 1/4 cup) frozen cherries, pitted

  • 60 gr unsalted butter, melted

Diplomat Cream

  • 125 gr (1/2 cup) whole milk

  • 60 gr heavy cream, whipped

  • 30 gr (3 tbsp) sugar

  • 30 gr (from 1 1/2 eggs) egg yolks

  • 12 gr (1 tbsp) corn starch

  • 10 gr unsalted butter (2 tbsp), room temperature

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Kirsch Syrup

  • 30 gr (2 tbsp) water

  • 35 gr (2 1/2 tbsp) sugar

  • 30 gr (2 tbsp) kirsch

Dark Chocolate Cream

  • 70 gr dark chocolate, 66-70% cacao

  • 160 gr (3/4 cup – 1 tbsp) heavy cream


  • 300 gr (1 1/4 cup) heavy cream

  • Maraschino cherries

  • 60 gr dark chocolate, 60-70% cacao


The night before, prepare the cherries. In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil with the sugar. Remove from the heat and add the cherries. Set aside to macerate until the following day.

Make the biscuit

Preheat the oven to 350 F.

Whip the egg whites until foamy, then add the sugar and whip to soft peaks. Whip the egg yolks until they are light and pale. Fold the yolks into the whites and gently stir. Sift the flour with the cocoa powder. Fold into the egg mixture and stir, then add melted butter and stir again. Pour the mixture into a spring cake form or cake ring 7-inch diameter. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Remove the cakes from the oven and allow to cool a little before removing from the tins and transferring to wire racks to cook completely.

You can make the biscuit up to 3 days before, just wrap it in plastic wrap and store in refrigerator.

Prepare pastry cream

In a saucepan pour the milk and vanilla extract and bring to a boil. In a mixing bowl, beat the sugar and corn starch with the egg yolks. Add one-third of the hot milk mixture, beating constantly to temper the eggs. Pour this mixture back into the saucepan and bring to a boil stirring constantly. Remove from the heat. Transfer the cream to a bowl to cool stirring sometimes. When the pastry cream has cooled to 140 F (or lightly warm), cut the butter into pieces and beat it into the cream. Place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the surface of the pastry cream and refrigerate until needed (at least for 1 hour). You can make it before and keep in a refrigerator up to 2 days.

Whip the cream in a cold bowl until medium peaks. Incorporate the whipped cream into the pastry cream and stir until everything is combined. Place in the refrigerator until uses.

Prepare the kirsch syrup

In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil with the sugar. Remove from the heat and add the kirsch.

Cut the biscuit into 3 discs. Place the first disc inside an 7-inch (18 cm) flan ring (3 inches and higher). Place this on a piece of cardboard (or parchment paper) cut in an 7-inch circle. Using a pastry brush, brush the disc with the kirsch syrup. Coat the biscuit with a half of diplomat cream. Sprinkle with the drained cherries and cover the rest cream. Place the second disc on top and soak it with the kirsch syrup.

Prepare the kirsch syrup

Chop the chocolate. Place it in a bowl and melt it in a microwave. Remove from the microwave and incorporate 2 tbsp of cream. Whip the remaining cream until stiff, then incorporate the chocolate mixture and gently mix it together.

Coat the second biscuit disc with the dark chocolate cream. Place the third biscuit disc on top and soak it with the kirsch syrup. Place the cake in the freezer for 2 hours or in the refrigerator for 6-7 hours or overnight.

Remove the chilled cake and remove the flan ring with the help of a hair-dryer. Whip the cream and sugar until stiff. Spread a layer of whipped cream over the top and sides of the cake, then comb the sides with a pastry comb. Put 3-4 tbsp of the whipped cream into a piping bag fitted with a “star” or fluted pastry tip. Pipe rosettes of cream around the edge of the top of the cake. Pat the maraschino cherries dry and place one in the center of each rosette.

Warm the chocolate slightly. Wait 5 minutes, then shave off curls of chocolate with a vegetable peeler. Garnish the top of the cake with the shavings. Now you can serve it. Enjoy!

Made with Qards
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